By offering your visitors the ability to search your site you allow them to find and access whatever they need. This makes the surfing experience smoother.

Search Engine Land contributor Stela Yordanova has shared some useful tips to utilize site search insights and improve your website and its traffic.

On analyzing the site search data, Yordanova says, “I recommend that webmasters and/or marketers develop site search custom reports. You can create a custom report with the following metrics:

  • Medium: channel the visitor came from
  • Landing page: webpage visitor landed on
  • Search page: page where they initiated their site search
  • Search term: search query they entered
  • Search destination page: page visited after they performed a site search
  • Total unique searches: number of unique searches performed for this search term

This custom report serves as a site search funnel and shows how visitors who perform site search flow through your website. Here is an example of a site search user journey”.

Back to basics: How to capitalize on site search insights

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